For Parents

Welcome to Mae Richardson Elementary. We hope to inform and interest you in the exciting activities that are taking place at our wonderful school.

Mae Richardson Elementary has a total enrollment of  approximately 500 students in Kindergarten through Fifth grade. We take pride in our campus, which includes an expansive media center, thirty-six station computer lab, covered play area and twenty classrooms. Some of the programs and activities that enrich our student’s school experience are the SMART reading program, Read Aloud instructional strategies in the classrooms, DARE, class directed assemblies and our very involved Parent Teacher Organization.

The Mission Statement and School Improvement Goals are included, as well as the school calendar to keep you informed about parent conferences, vacations and student activities. The e-mail addresses of all of our staff members are listed to assist you with communicating with you’re child’s teacher, our specialists, or myself.

We at Mae Richardson Elementary feel that when students, parents and staff, work as a team the experience will be beneficial for the academic, emotional and social growth of our children.

Our Mission:

School District #6 in partnership with parents and community, is dedicated to assisting students to reach their individual potential as productive, responsible participants in society. Within an environment that encourages learning, students will aquire skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to successfully meet the opportunities and challenges of the 21st century.

Our Goals:

Goal #1:

To increase the number of students that meet and exceed the standards in Reading, Writing and Mathematics based on 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade State Assessments. To increase the growth in Reading fluency in Kindergarten through 5th grade based on AIMS assessment.

Goal #2:

To establish School wide Discipline policies and procedures that are clear, concise, and reinforced for students using the Positive Behavior Support System.

2019-20 Discipline Matrix