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MRE PTA Minutes

September 13, 2016

The meeting was called to order by Erin at 6:00pm

In attendance:

President – Erin Linthorst

Vice President – Genevieve McPartland Treasurer – Courtney F

Secretary- Tara Saunders

Principle – Lynn Scott22 non-board members

Approval of Minutes

The minutes were read from the June 7, 2016, meeting and approved.


Introductions of board

Standing rules were read by all attendees and approved.


Current balance $7,538.21

Approved to pay 24 teachers $250.00 for classroom fund

 New Business

·     TGA – Represenitive from this organization came to speak about the program. He also stated that he would be able to get someone to represent their organization at the carnival and run a booth. He would also donate a gift for the auction. He also said they could assist at Field day. He states that if we can think of any other way he could assist us to let him know.

·     Site Council – There is 1 opening for a parent to join due to Genevieve stepping down.

·     School Play – Genevieve will be starting several committees to help her prepare, practice and put on the play of Wizard of OZ (see below under committee for details)

Committee Reports

·     Jog A Thon – the theme is Monster Dash. There will be spirit days every day the week of the Monster Dash. We are still needing Sponsors. The committee will meet after this meeting to get some of the planning completed. Jenny Richmond is the head of this committee.

·     Halloween Carnival – Date will be 10/21/2016 This year we will be asking parents to enlist their children (6thgrade or older) to run the booths. We sent around a sign up sheet for set up and take down. Erin Lithorst is head of this committee.

·     Box Tops – Courtney relinquished her role of the director of box tops. We asked for volunteers to take over this positition. Kristin Rainey has agreed to take on the role of Director of Box Tops. She will reach out to Mrs. Ryerson and her 5th grade class to confirm that her class will still collect them and count them. Courtney will work with Kristin to help her get comfortable with that role.

·     Enrichment committee – there is currently no one running this committee so we have asked for volunteers, we will speak about it again at the October meeting.

·     BOB- There was not a current committee for this years Battle of the Books. Rebecca and Aaron have agreed to head this committee.

·     Wizard of Oz – There will be 2 complete casts, which will each perform 1 night in January.

o     Acting 3rd-5th grade

o     Choir 2nd-5th grade

o     Munchkins K-3rd

o     Flying Monkeys K-3rd

o     Set design

Costume design


Principal’s Report

Lynn discussed the new parent teacher conference days and some new changes to the school, new teachers, program’s, etc..

Next Meeting

Tuesday, October 4, 2016 at 6pm in the Library

Motion to adjourn was made at 7:01pm and was passed unanimously.

MRE PTA Meeting Agenda
Tuesday, September 13, 2016 6:00-7:00

Membership (Genevieve M.)
Standing Rules (Erin L.)
Approval of May Minutes

6:15-6:20 Financial Report
Budget (Cortnee F.)

6:20-6:35 Reports
Jog-a-thon (Jenny Richmond)
Halloween Carnival
Box Tops
Enrichment Committee

6:35-6:45 New Business
Rogue Valley Farm to School
Site Council

6:45-6:55 Message from Mrs. Scott






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