Avoid the Summer Slide

Tips to Avoid the Summer Slide

•      Schedule in chores, outside play time, 20-30 minutes of reading, and 10-15 minutes of math practice into your child’s daily schedule (preferably before screen time).

•      Limit screen time.

•      Visit parks, museums, farms, and local areas of interest.

•      Sign up for a summer class.

•      Have your children help you prepare meals and do other daily chores.

•      Look for and talk about math in daily life (cost of groceries, how many yellow cars can we count on our trip, how much will it cost to go to the movies, etc.)

•      Read with and to your children.

•      Children can read anything – newspapers, magazine, comic books, etc. It doesn’t always have to be a picture or chapter book.

•      Talk to your child about what they are reading. Ask them questions.

•      Sign up for the summer reading program at the library.

•      Parents, check out this site for some great reading tips:



•      Check out any of the following math and/or reading sites:


 CLICK HERE to download a list of education websites with login directions.