Happy Friday From Miss Season's Chickens


What do you call a chicken that tells jokes?

-A Comedi-Hen


Why did the chicken cross the playground?

-To get to the other slide

The pigeon wants a puppy

By Mo Willems


He really, really, REALLY wants one. He'll take really good care of it! What's the matter--don't you want him to be happy?

Happy Friday from PBIS

Miss Janis is reading...

...and gardening. Some of her favorite things.

Miss Season has been baking with her family.

The Good egg


Meet the good egg. He’s a verrrrrry good egg indeed. But trying to be so good is hard when everyone else is plain ol’ rotten. As the other eggs in the dozen behave badly, the good egg starts to crack from all the pressure of feeling like he has to be perfect. So, he decides enough is enough! It’s time for him to make a change…

Parent idea:

Activity Jar

Every time you wish you could do something, go somewhere, see someone or visit with friends, write it down on a slip of paper and put it in your jar! When social distancing is over this will be your family bucket list. You can work your way through the jar and be more grateful than ever for the little things in life. Until then, you can watch the jar fill up with magical things to look forward to!!


📌 going to the park

📌 visit with Grandparents

📌 having friends over

📌 going to the movies

happy friday from pbis

Superflex Takes on Rock Brain


Part 3

parent idea:

Give me 5!

5 Important Steps to Better Behavior

📌 Boosting Your Child's Self-Esteem (make them feel proud, capable and strong)

📌 Catch Kids Being Good (praise for doing the right thing, this encourages good behavior)

📌 Set Limits and Be Consistent (set house rules and stick to them)

📌 Be A Good Role-Model (kids learn by watching)

📌 Show Unconditional Love (nurture and encourage through discipline)

Happy Friday from Miss Janis

Hi everyone! I've been spending some time painting and enjoying the sunshine in my cozy backyard.

Happy Friday from Miss Season

Hi kids! Our family got 4 new baby chicks! This one is named Biscuits (like biscuits and gravy).

Superflex takes on Rock Brain


Part 2

pbis home matrix

Be Safe: Be Respectful: Be Responsible:

Hands and feet to self Use kind words Complete your work Social Distance Play fair Ask for help Follow house rules Keep organized Help family with chores

As a family you can come up with ideas to continue this list!

  • Categories to be safe, respectful and responsible are state and school-wide expectations.

April 30 Zoom.mp4

happy friday

Start a collection to share with PBIS

Superflex Takes on Rock Brain

Part 1


Superflex, a social thinking hero, helps students learn strategies to conquer their own "Unthinkables." Through this delightful comic book, children are encouraged to think about what they can do to self-regulate their own thoughts and behaviors.

parent idea:

Safe Space

We can teach about social distancing and safe precautions without promoting fear...

📌talk about it honestly and age appropriately

📌let them know you're here to protect them

📌limit the news children see

📌be nurturing and affectionate (a gentle feeling)

📌let them know you will update them when you learn more

Stay home and stay safe


happy friday

Miss your friends like we do? Here's a Superflex-tastic idea for you to try something new with your friends!

By Jory John & Pete Oswald

Guest Reader:

Soren from the MRE Leadership Team


Perfect for young readers, as well as anyone navigating their current world, The Bad Seed proves that positive change is possible for each and every one of us.

parent idea:

Brain "food"

"You are what you eat"

📌Children become the movies they watch,

📌the games they play,

📌the music they listen to,

📌and the people they spend time with.

Help them make good choices on what they feed their minds with.


happy friday

Check out the MRE parade today!

The dot


"There!" she says. That one little dot marks the beginning of Vashti's journey of surprise and self-discovery. A delicate fable about the creative spirit in all of us.

Parent idea:

Parent Self Care

Need a break? Here's some ideas to keep the kids busy while you set aside time for yourself.

📌 journaling

📌 reading

📌 coloring

📌 drawing

Friday Zoom Mindful.mp4

happy friday

Remember how to take a mindfulness break with PBIS

What do I do with my Rambucks?

Save them! When you return to school, your Rambucks will be worth DOUBLE!


Have Rambucks? Why not 'buy' something fun? Parents- offer an extra hour to sleep in, to clean their room or give a special treat.

What does it mean to be kind?

What does it mean to be kind.mov

By Rana DiOrio

"A girl in a red hat finds the courage to be kind to the new student in class. Her kindness spreads, and everyone soon understands - and acts on - what it means to be kind. "

Parent Idea:

Work for a Friday reward

Set 1 or 2 goals with your family. Were you kind this week? Did you get outside and play? Did you crush that IXL math page? Reward that effort and hard work. Here's some ideas for a Friday reward...

📌Scavenger hunt (find your snack)

📌Movie night

📌Family board game

📌Dinner choice

📌Dance party

📌Stay up an extra hour

Friday Zoom A little Better.mp4

happy friday

Wow - what a week! Great job being flexible as we all learn this together. We are so proud of you.

How full is your bucket?

How Full is your Bucket.mov

Through this story, Felix learns how being kind not only helps others, it helps them, too. This is a popular book in PBIS. Please share with your kids as we all work together to show our families and communities some great 'bucket filling!'

What does school at home look like?

It's more than just on-line work. It's...

-cooking lessons


-physical activity

-story time

-independent play


-movie and snuggles

and most importantly - feeling safe!

Welcome video

Welcome Back!

Hey kids and parents! Check back in for more PBIS tips, books on video and other positive behavior support links. We're all in this together.